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Dr Kim
Dr Kim Isaacs
I’m a GP based in Broome, I work with my Aboriginal community because I’m Yaruwu, Karajarri and Noongar woman myself. I’m also the deputy medical director of the Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Service and also a West Australian Country Health Service board member. Closing the Gap is the foundation of what we do every day. It is quite important to me because it serves the basis of trying to improve the health outcomes of my patients. I can certainly relate to the health statistics and if anything to try and see how we can improve the health disparities that I see on a day to day basis between the statistics that the government has and what I physically see with my patients. My hopes are that the gap actually does close with all of the Closing the Gap targets we do have, but also to have targets that actually reflect a true representation of the social issues we have as well. The main thing I’d like to say to the government is consult with us because I think that has been the problem, we have the answers to a lot of the problems, we have the solutions, we just need to be consulted on the grass roots level. We still have a very long way to go to address the health issues of rural and remote Indigenous communities. That’s what I’d like to put on the forefront, how do we actually address the issues in our most vulnerable population groups?