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My name's Des Jones. I'm the Chair President of Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly, based in New South Wales, and we represent 16 main communities of the region, and we're a non-incorporated body that negotiates on behalf of the region, and also in partnerships with state government. I think Closing the Gap is about understanding all the challenges, and the challenges that arise every 4 or 5 years, whether it's technology, whether it's lifestyle change, and understanding that the youth face a lot of challenges. Each household, right into the community and up to the region, have a responsibility to look at how we address some of those challenges, emerging challenges that face our community, people and individuals? Over the next ten years, I'd like to some better quality on ground services, eliminate some of the 9:00 to 5:00 arrangements, our communities really need assistance 24/7 in most cases, so we've got to look at a better way of doing business, and a better engagement strategy, so that the community engages its services, not like now, the other way round, where the services just chase after community people and engage, so we've got to look at better ways of doing business.