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5 June 2018
eople sit around several tables in a room. They are in discussion and taking notes.

Since November 2017, 18 Closing the Gap Refresh consultations have been held across Australia with the aim of asking ‘What’s worked?’ ‘What hasn’t?’ and ‘How can we do better?’

Information gathered during the consultation process clearly expressed a need to retain targets in health, education and employment. Stakeholders also want to expand the scope of the Closing the Gap agenda to other priority areas, including, early childhood, learning and development, housing, family safety, trauma and healing, cultures and language.

Hosted in partnership with the National Congress of Australia’s First People, consultations were held in all capital cities, as well as major regional centres. Further meetings and presentations were also held with a range of stakeholder groups and individuals.

The Australian Government also ran an online public consultation process, with over 180 submissions received from individuals and organisations.

Organisations who took part in the online consultation include Reconciliation Australia, the Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre, the National Employment Services Association and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

Submissions can be viewed online on the submissions page.