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20 April 2018

There has been great interest in the roundtables with around 1,000 people representing their communities, businesses and organisations.

Discussions were robust, demonstrating Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples feel strongly about Closing the Gap.

The priority areas mentioned frequently during the roundtables were children and families, education, early childhood, health, housing, justice, language and culture.

The context to these priorities that we are hearing is that:

  • children are an important focus and early intervention is key.
  • in education there is a need to focus on standards and ensuring that a pass means something.
  • for health, the focus needs to be on chronic disease prevention, support for mental health and cultural awareness in health care. Prevention is always better than the cure. 
  • having the right start in life and access to resources gives the best chance of being able to access opportunity.

The Closing the Gap Taskforce is now collating and analysing significant feedback that has been received through the roundtables. The input will be used to inform the next phase of the Refresh which is designing the new Closing the Gap targets.